Monopile is the Commerce Infrastructure for Your Brands

Monopile powers high growth brands with the complete infrastructure for multi-channel commerce, product information management, fulfillment and customer care. A unified view of products, inventory, and customers gives your team visibility into what’s selling on which channels, where inventory is and when to reorder. Monopile is the single source of truth for your commerce operations, enabling you to build your brand, sell more and grow fast.

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Ecommerce Storefronts

Merchandise products, add content and create discounts using Monopile or Shopify storefronts


Multichannel Order Management

Unify your wholesale and D2C retail operations using our distributed order management system


Customer Service

Our customer care team drives loyalty with a thorough understanding of your brand, customers and products


Product Lifecycle Management

Plan, create, edit and manage your products and data in the Monopile admin


Reporting and Insights

Comprehensive sales reports across sales channels and brands


Fulfillment and Logistics

Warehousing and fulfillment including receiving, storage, pick, pack and ship



Fully integrated Just in Time manufacturing mitigates inventory risk with an "endless aisle" solution


Licensed Merchandise

Manage licensed products, clients and royalties in one place

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