Ecommerce Storefronts

Merchandise products, add content and create discounts using Monopile storefronts. Use your existing store or our storefronts to run pre-order campaigns and create product bundles that customers love. Fraud screening and address verification keeps chargebacks and shipping costs under control. Easily spin up multiple storefronts to manage separate brand properties within the same platform.

  • Shopify Integration

  • Content management

  • Discounts and promotions

  • Fraud control

  • Pre-order management

  • Product bundling

  • Consolidated multi-site control

Multi-channel Order Management

Unify your retail operations using Monopile’s turnkey order management solution. The entire order lifecycle is visible through your Monopile dashboard. Inventory and order statuses are updated and available in real-time, from the time an order is placed to final delivery. Admin users can easily create drop ship orders to be fulfilled at a scheduled time and all orders can be created, edited or canceled  by an admin user. Complete tracking information is always up to date and available for inbound and outbound orders.

  • Inbound and outbound order visibility and tracking

  • Vendor management

  • Shipping and receiving notifications



Product Lifecycle Management

Plan, create, edit and manage products in the Monopile admin. Manage your product data in one place – pricing, attributes, vendors, marketing content, channel listings and more. Centralize your product information and gain a complete overview of product details, inventory and sales performance across all channels. Improving your product development process requires visibility and control of your catalog. Monopile makes it easy.

  • Image and asset control

  • Attributes and Metadata

  • Sizing, materials, variations

  • Licensing and Royalties